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Animation & Horror films!
COMING MAY 28 - 31, 2010!
at the RAMADA PLAZA Hotel in Columbus, Ohio!
Scheduled so far in the Cinevent Screening Room:

STRAIGHT SHOOTING (1917) John Ford’s first feature with Harry Carey and Hoot Gibson.
OPEN ALL NIGHT (1924) Viola Dana & Adolphe Menjou in a marital farce with a six day bicycle
THE COMING OF AMOS (1924) Sheep rancher Rod LaRocque falls for Russian princess Jetta
LIGHTHOUSE BY THE SEA (1924) Louise Fazenda finds a guardian angel in Rin-Tin-Tin.
LORRAINE OF THE LIONS (1925) Jungle child Patsy Ruth Miller returns to civilization with - her
KID BOOTS (1926) The first of Eddie Cantor’s two silent comedies also has leading lady Clara
SORROWS OF SATAN (1926) D. W. Griffith directs a Faustian tale with Ricardo Cortez and
Adolphe Menjou.
MURDERS IN THE ZOO (1933) Lionel Atwill uses zoo animals as weapons in this horror thriller!
THE WORLD GONE MAD (1933) Pat O’Brian and Neil Hamilton in a timely tale of investment
HIRED WIFE (1940) Rosalind Russell & Brian Aherne in a farce where the boss needs a wife in
a hurry.
IT STARTED WITH EVE (1941) Deanna Durbin plays Robert Cummings fiance to appear before
his father Charles Laughton.
THE MONSTER AND THE GIRL (1941) Gangsters, mad scientist George Zucco, & (what else?) -
a gorilla!
MYSTERY SHIP (1941) Paul Kelly and Larry Parks protect Lola Lane from revolting
WOMAN ON THE RUN (1950) Ann Sheridan tries to locate her spouse hiding out from the mob.


BLONDE FOR A NIGHT (1928) Marie Prevost undergoes a Franklin Pangborn makeover (?!?!)to
win back roving-eyed hubby Harrison Ford.
THE FLEET’S IN (1942) Dorothy Lamour, Betty Hutton, Eddie Bracken and a young William
Holden star in this lively musical comedy review, based on the stage hit “Sailor Beware.”
SARONG GIRL (1943) Ann Corio stars, but Tim & Irene Ryan and Mantan Morland provide the
entertainment (scheduled but not run last year—this time we mean it!)
SWINGIN’ ON A RAINBOW (1945) Notable as the last screen appearance of silent great Harry
Langdon, RAINBOW also proves that Republic could produce an enjoyable musical in addition
to its usual serial and oater fare.

Plus Laurel & Hardy and Charley Chase shorts, our Annual
Animation Program and MORE TO COME!
Cinevent has DEALERS:
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of movie related
collectibles, including
Posters, Lobby Cards, Stills,
Books, Pressbooks, CD's,
Records, and of course
Films on DVD, VHS,
LaserDisc and 16mm!
Join us at the RAMADA PLAZA Hotel & Conference Center
in Columbus Ohio for our 42nd classic film festival!
Film fandom’s friendliest social event!

The Cinevent 42 Film Program.
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